Other fire equipment

At the beginning of a fire, it can be extinguished other than with a standard fire extinguisher. The simplest extinguishing agent is a fire extinguishing spray, which switches similarly to hair spray. We also have it available in a version for extinguishing fires at high temperatures (eg lithium battery fires). Fire extinguishing sprays are so popular due to their favorable price. We also offer unique fire extinguishers, which are specially designed for specific places where fires most often occur.

  • Automatic extinguishing system "VIPER", which automatically extinguishes fires in cars or trucks, server rooms or other enclosed spaces.
  • Automatic fire extinguisher "KITJET", which you simply install above the hob in the kitchen.
  • Automatic fire extinguishing ball "FIRE BALL", which can be easily thrown into the fire.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

However, these extinguishing agents do not replace conventional fire extinguishers, they only increase the prevention of fire protection.


TRUCK VIPER Automatic fire extinguishing system for trucks


CAR VIPER Automatic fire extinguishing system for cars


PC VIPER Automatic fire extinguishing system for electronics

Lith Ex Aerosol extinguishing spray

Lith Ex Aerosol extinguishing spray Spray fire extinguisher designed to extinguish lithium battery fires


KITJET Automatic fire extinguishing system designed for the kitchen


FIRE BALL Powder Fire Extinguishing Ball

Fire Spray

Fire Spray Universal Fire Extinguisher Equipment

Fire Blanket

Fire Blanket Fire Blanket in Plastic Case