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We are currently experiencing more spam attacks on our company. We always use company email addresses for any communication, i.e. always ending with betacorporation.eu. Please ignore and pay no attention to emails sent from another address.


BETA Corporation operates in the Czech and Slovak market through Belgian branch BETA Corporation s.r.o. based in Prague. BETA Corporation is manufacturer and distributor of car accessories and fire extinguishers. We offer fire extinguishers produced by us and products from others manufacturers. Also we offer other products like hydrant systems, hoses, streamlines, valves and equipment for service workshops etc.   

We are still working to expand the existing range of attractive new products. Goods are delivered by contract carriers directly to the customer.


  • Fire extinguishers
  • Hydrant systems 
  • Hoses, streamlines, valves
  • And other fire protection products intended to protect the health and property


  • Professional training for service of fire extinguishers
  • Professional training for workshop service (repair and refilling) of fire extinguishers 
  • All according the valid legislative


We are sales representative of the German company FRITZ EMDE, which manufactures service equipment. For the Czech and Slovak Republic we provide sales of new products, warranty and post-warranty service of all products FRITZ EMDE. In offer of this manufacturer you can find following products: 

  • Powder filling equipment (mobile or stationary)
  • CO2 filling equipment
  • Nitrogen filling equipment 
  • Drying equipment
  • Equipment for screwing and unscrewing valve
  • Cleaning equipment
  • And many other products and accessories for workshop equipment


  • Safety equipment - e.g. reflective vests, warning triangles and safety hammers
  • Car sets
  • Car interior accessories - e.g. car mats, car seats, car seat covers and steering wheel covers 
  • Car cleaning products -  e.g. washing sponges, cloths, deerskin and others
  • Technical equipment - e.g. compressors, jacks, tyre gauge, parking sensors, car polishers 
  • And other accessories as wipers, wrenches, screwdrivers, jerry cans, sun visors, discs for wheels, bicycle carrier ...

Contact information

BETA corporation s.r.o.,
Slavojova 579/9,
Praha 2,
12 800
Czech republic
Tel.: 721 554 641


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