Fire extinguishers

We are specialists in fire extinguishers. We have been engaged in production for almost 10 years. The BETA brand symbolizes quality fire extinguishers at a reasonable price. Thanks to these advantages, the BETA brand is gaining an increasingly strong position in the Czech Republic, but also in foreign markets. In addition to BETA fire extinguishers, you will also find fire extinguishers from other manufacturers. Thus, we can offer you a wide range of fire extinguishers in one place. Fire extinguishers meet European standards.

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In our offer of fire extinguishers you will find:

  • portable powder fire extinguishers
  • portable foam fire extinguishers
  • portable snow extinguishers
  • portable water fire extinguishers
  • mobile fire extinguishers
  • automatic fire extinguishers
  • special fire extinguishers (eg for extinguishing lithium batteries or fire
  • extinguishers with ecological extinguisher)

Are you looking for someone who will carry out a regular annual inspection of the operability of fire extinguishers? We also offer such a service. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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