Cleaning equipment IRM-1100-A

Product code: 705000


Internal cleaning device controlled by a programmable control unit IRM-1100-A is used to clean the inner walls of diving and breathing air bottles. The inside of the steel cylinders are cleaned with a special brush from sediments.

Speed frequency-controlled cleaning brush is approximately 1450 U /min. It ensures complete cleaning of the inside of the steel cylinder from rust and sediment.

Using a variety of special brushes can be cleaned with any diameter of the cylinder. With the machine can be cleaned bottles with a total length of up to 800mm and a maximum diameter of 220mm.

(Other sizes and diameters on request). Variable allows the operator to easily change the diving bottles, bottles for breathing or fire extinguishers with a small conical, large conical or cylindrical thread.

The device has all the technical safety features such as locking doors, emergency stop button, automatic limit switch, etc. Parts of the device are made of aluminum or VA materials that guarantee a long service life of all parts.

Technical parameter:

Size: (D x W x H): approx 1100 x 600 x 2500mm

Drive: 230/400 V, 1.5 kW , 1480 U/min

Weight: about 200kg

Cleaning brush: Stainless Steel

Collet: Pneumatic

Cleaning time: < 60 seconds

Color: blue enamel wrought