Cleaning equipment ARM-1800-A

Product code: 709 000

Cleaning equipment outside ARM-1800-A is used for removing labels, stickers and paint from the top of the steel cylinders.

It is equipped with soundproof cabin. Cleaning bottles via two rotating steel brushes. Infinite adjustment allows the operator to change diving cylinders, breathing bottles, stainless steel bottles or containers with just a few hand movements.

Diameter cylinders may be up to 230mm, height of the cylinder up to 1800mm. Despite makrolon safety box located in the upper part of the door can be monitored throughout the purification process. The device has all the relevant technical safety equipment such as emergency stop button, limit switch, automatic locking doors, etc.

Dust and abrasion are extracted from the cab with a separate suction device. Filter integrated into the extractor is used to separate dust. Cleaning the filter is pneumatically. The extracted substances accumulate in the drawer.

Technical parameters:

Construction: Steel construction with aluminum

Electrical connection: 230/400 V, 32 A

Air pressure: 8 bar

Size: (D x W x H): without the operator about 1200 x 1100 x 3200mm

Maximum working height: 4200mm

Color: blue enamel wrought