Car Mats

Varied types

They are made from textile fabric, therefore they will become an elegant accessory of your car. They protect your car interior from dirt and impurity.



Are designated for all car types.

Quality: 1250 g / m2

Front mats: 45 x 60 cm

Back mats: 25 x 44 cm



Are designated for all car types. They are wear and tear resistance. Made in three versions – you can choose the right cut-out for your car:


Quality: 2050 g / m2

Front mats: 50 x 60 cm

Back mats: 30 x 45 cm



Are manufactured for particular car models. If your car are manufactured with car mats fixation on the floor, we are able to manufacture the mats with the fixations components.

Car models and brands list you can see HERE.

Available in varied quality: A055: 1250 g / m2

A056: 2050 g / m2