Adapter CO2-QUICK

Product code: 200 100

Quick-fill CO2 connection with safety shut-off  ball valve for fire extinguishers CO2 and bottles CO2 of all sizes and types with with external threaded connection W 21,8 x 1/¼" in stainless design from stainless steel.

Quick-fill connection CO2 EMDE guarantees fast and efficient filling of CO2. Must be discharged less than 10 g CO2 for depressurization adapter.

The device is equipped:

» shut-off ball valve with locking hole 
» threaded connection CO2 with handwheel 

Technical parameters:

Working pressure: max. 130 bar 

Stainless design; seals are resistant to CO2;protective sleeve and excess lines 

Special set of tools (č. 200 200)

- to closure bombs of CO2