Hydrant hoses

Stable hydrant hose

Stable hydrant hose Stable hydrant hose diameter 25 mm and length 20 or 30m Working pressure: 1,2 MPa Diameter: 25 mm Norm: EN 694:2002

Hydrant hose 75 mm

Hydrant hose 75 mm Length: 20m Diameter: 75 mm

Suction hose with thread

Suction hose with thread Use: Suction fire hoses are intended to suction and water discharge or water extinguihsing under the pressure until to…

Suction and discharge hoses

Suction and discharge hoses We offer different types of suction: - Suction AGRO - Suction PETRO - Suction ECO - Suction HYDRO Suction  …

Hydrant hose 25 mm

Hydrant hose 25 mm Length: 20 m

Hydrant hose 110 mm

Hydrant hose 110 mm Length: 20 mm

Hydrant hose 52 mm

Hydrant hose 52 mm Working pressure: 1,5 MPa Average: 52 mm Length: 20 m Norm: EN 14540:2004